Sunday, June 25, 2006

Filling time sheets -How important

Its very important to fill work package level time sheets by every team member in the project team. The advantage of filling the times sheets are

1. As the Project Manager, You can track exactly the time taken for each work package, Actual vs. Estimated. That gives a good review about your time estimations

2. Time sheets help to understand the work performance of each individual in your team., These are good baseline documents for a project Managers to review his team

3. These records provide you information to be more accurate on your next project estimates and the contingency planning

Why most projects are completed without time sheets?

1. Projects doesn’t have an exact allocated budget or schedule

2. Project doesn’t have a Project manager to plan allocate and control tasks

3. No team members buy-in for filling time sheets. Normally the team members feel that they are going to be trapped with the time sheets and its only a controlling mechanism to find the number of productive hours.

4. Team members are allocated to many ad-hoc tasks, they answer support calls, help some other projects, etc. In this case they feel that the time tracking is just burden to them.

5. No proper system to view project tasks allocated to them and key in actual time against the estimates. ( If you don’t have proper software application, Don’t worry, recently I understood that you can set this simply using Microsoft portal server., You dine the Work package of your team., Allocate members., assign the time. Ask the team members to log in and key in timesheets.. Very simple. If its still complicated for you, Why don’t you use a simple excel sheet..)



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