Sunday, March 06, 2011

Just a short update ...

I realized that its been a while and Ive not posted anything to the blog. Sorry for that, simply I was too tired to think or to write anything new due to many things happened lately.

After Exilesoft acquired Teamwork Technologies in Jan, the biggest challenge we’ve got is to merge 2 project offices with 2 different work cultures, project models and even new markets. Working towards building one agile project model across the new project office is interesting, still very much challenging. There are many aspects to it, such as

1. Change of thinking process

2. Time to build trust between each other in such merger( new colleagues and existing colleagues / with sales offices and new customers)

3. Effort involved in getting our new sales offices to buy in to agile models which were quite different to their existing sales model ( and doing it for the right reason, otherwise it will be really messy)

4. Level of agile maturity needed to be achieved by the staff and across the new organization.

5. Establishing agile Engineering practices across technical teams

......And many other.. More than anything..... the biggest challenge is to prove some clear benefit to techies, to the customers, to the management and to the sales offices of such transition. This will take lots of effort and time. Still I’m sure I will have stuff for a book when that’s achieved :)

I’m happy that we got a really good team working towards such exhausting, but interesting exercise for everyone.

Other than this extremely busy day today office life, there were few things I’ve been doing.. The paper I submitted to agile 2011 is now selected to present. Which is the biggest achievement of the year so far.. Ive got a very experienced “Shepherd” to help me with it (He works for MacAfee and expect to learn a lot from him) . Thanks to the stage producers for that.

I was planning to do PgMP this year .. still I couldn’t spend any quality time on that. So Im not too sure where I stand with it.

Further @mrsungo is working on some exciting stuff which I hope to participate in New York, on my way to Salt Lake city in August. That’s going to be an excellent experience to me.
So .. its all going good..Will post some interesting stuff soon ! :)

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