Monday, July 03, 2006

Scrum - Agile Project Management

Have you ever tried Agile method of Managing Projects? What do you think of that? In my environment we have very rare opertunities in such methods. We won’t get customers who work with us so closely for projects. But I think its a very practical aproach. If you are lucky enough to have a chance to try out... do so., ( But it can be very messy if you dont do it right..or if you dont have right people.... Handle it with care....

Lately I did a little study on Scrum method of managing projects., hmmm.. Personally I feel it put some additional weight on Project Management due to daily progress monitoring with team meetings and deliverable management due to multiple releases. But it sounds very practical.

“Scrum is an agile method for project management. It has been documented to dramatically improve productivity[citation needed] in teams previously paralyzed by heavier methodologies. Scrum was first documented by Takeuchi and Nonaka in "The New New Product Development Game"”

Scrum is defined for Software Development projects., But I it can be mapped for any other projects such as Maintenance management etc.

Some important aspects of Scrum are as follows,

• Customer must become a part of the development team. (i.e. He is genuinely interested in the output).
• Frequent intermediate deliveries with a working functionality is a MUST.
• Frequent mitigation and risk plans have to be developed by the DEVELOPMENT TEAM.
• Daily status discussion with the team is a MUST.
• Things to include in the daily discussion are:
o What did you do from yesterday?
o What are you planning to do tomorrow?
o Do you have any problems?
• Transparency is a MUST in planning and different modules.
• If a feature has a problem, no delivery shall take place.
• A frequent stakeholder meeting, to see the progress, is a MUST.
• No problems are buried under the carpet. No one is penalized for a problem.
• Energized workplace and working hours is a MUST. "More number of hours" does not mean more "output."

Listen to the interview (A certified Scrum Master and PMP Certified Project Manager, discussing Scrum, an Agile project methodology primarily used for software application development projects.)

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