Monday, January 08, 2007

Some Experience…


Time to time something happens to me to deviate from my topic Project Management. Today I experienced something which I have never experienced in my life before..

There is a sub power plant 4-5 houses away from my home. Around 2AM today morning there was a huge noise of a blast and our house vibrated for a moment and electricity went off. I couldn’t realize what was happening. But I have experienced bomb blasts before and I thought it must be one.. But never faced it this closer before.. I was wondering where it could be... …And then one of our neighbor friends called and said his house ceiling is damaged due to vibration and definitely it should be a bomb. So there was no power till the morning. No TV No news to check what it was..

Early morning I heard from our caretaker that the blast has taken place in the power plant closer to home. He has got to know from somebody around the area. Any way I had to get in to the office on time due to a meeting scheduled with an important customer.. But when I came out of the house only I realized that the road is closed and I had to take a different route to the main road. How ever due to my delay I couldn’t make it to the meeting

Till Morning they didn’t confirm it’s a LTTE terrorist attack and investigations were going on. But I saw in a web site just now., that its confirmed as a LTTE attack.

Its very sad that these incidence happen frequently which really disturb civilians lives. Lately there were bombs in 2 buses and lots of innocent civilians died.

So no matter from which part of the world they are.. Terrorism is bad.. Stop Funding Terrorism.. Directly or indirectly….Because tomorrow they can take your loved ones away from you…


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