Monday, June 05, 2006

I feel I am truly blessed .. Thanks to some wonderful people around the world.!

I think I must write this note.. this is for all the good people who help others to come up in their career….

When I really thought of doing a research in PM ,I thought its an impossible thing to do. Who is going to help me? There are no many people in Sri Lanka who does research in Project Management.. That's why I posted my idea initially, with the heading "Something Stupid"…
But Its not something stupid any more…some wonderful people.. (I have never seen some of them)., made me think positive.. I'm so grateful to them. Dr.Bandu Ranasinghe spent time to listen to me and discuss about my Ideas and to guide me to do the right thing by forgetting his very busy schedule. Dr. Hewagamage - Colombo University agreed to help my research with no hesitation. (That really changed "my thinking" towards Sri Lankan Academic people) Cornelius Fichtner - My never seen PM friend from Switzerland (Currently in USA and he conducts the PMPODCAST SHOW) always encouraged me. Bill Bates- Principal of P3M Governance Inc.(and a member of PMI's Research Advisory Group- 2005) is going to the extend of helping me by putting me in touch with a number of project management researchers at the masters and PhD levels in USA. He himself gave me some ideas of PM research. There are so many other great guys around me including my best friend and colleagues. You guys are really great!


Dinesh Priyankara on 9:39 PM said...

Very interesting! I have seen many people who start something with very enthusiasm and end up with failure or half-finished task. Hope you will not be one of them. Since you have a good support, and specially the enthusiasm, I believe that you can achieve this goal easily. Looking forward to calling you “Dr.”….

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

Thushara Wijewardena, PMP on 1:51 AM said...

Thanks a lot Dinesh,

It takes some time... I have to plan everything for many years..

1st I have to do the Mphil and see how the research will progress.

Thanks a lot !

Mohit Sisodia said...

Hi there,
I reached at your blog, by search.I read some of your postings and its interesting to know the concerns.

Regarding some research and all, I feel (perhaps, you might have finished by now), yahoo/google/orkut is also very helpful.



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