Friday, October 23, 2009

Are you a good Scrum master ?

Scrum master is a servants leader .. We say this all the time.. So Scrum masters .. how good you rate yourself as a leader is scrum project. check out this matrix introduced by Bob Hartman (Agile Bob)

1. Listening – actively listening to what others are saying
2. Empathy – feeling the pain and thrills of others
3. Healing – helping others after they have been hurt
4. Awareness – understanding the big picture
5. Persuasion – persuading others to do what is right
6. Conceptualization – helping the team understand
7. Foresight – seeing problems before they arise
8. Stewardship – helping the team use resources most effectively
9. Commitment to growth of others – helping others improve
10. Building community – helping the team become more than a
group of individuals

Friday, October 02, 2009

Microsoft Dynamics AX team

We have openings for a Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant and few AX developers from Sri Lanka or India, if anyone.. Please send me the CV to

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