Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Agile India 2012


#agileindia2012 was a good experience and my first time to speak in an Asian conference. Arranging such a big conference is not an easy task, hats off to Naresh Jain and his crew for such a successful event.
If you ask what I like the most;
Agile India attracted speakers from various parts the world. That made the conference very rich. Further most the speakers I managed to link up with are really hands on people, not just consultants or coaches, so our discussions were very productive.
I was lucky to have few of my colleagues from #exilesoft with me. It has a big difference to traveling to a conference alone. However most the delegates were very collaborative, friendly and supportive. Out of conference time was so much fun, traveling around Bangalore city was a new experience.
Further the level of attention given to speakers by the organizing committee was amazing, I didn’t have a single thing to worry about from the time I confirmed the session. Visa arrangements, hotel booking and everything were taken care of.

I like the fact that they got Freeset to do a keynote speech. I was speechless. How can you think of doing business in such different way? This session made me remember Simen Sinek’s book I read few weeks back – WHY before WHAT.

Most the sessions I managed to participate were very good. Always there are things to learn. I like if I didn’t miss much sessions, however preparing for my speech was important to me as I couldn’t do much work prior to the conference.
Some of the sessions I remember the most would be, Theory of constraint – an easy way to learn by Masa Maeda, Agile is not the easy way out by Rebecca Parsons, The agile scaling model by Scott Ambler, From DevOps to NoOps : Jira development team by Bryce Johnson and Autopsy of failed agile projects by Evan Leybourn. There were other good sessions too I attended to and Im sure I missed some of the really good ones as well. Its not possible to attend to all the interesting sessions in a conference as such.
I walked in to lightning talks stage and I was lucky enough to watch Peder’s hi5 driven development session. It was so much fun and he has an amazing personality to present. I wish if he had a 3o – 60 min session coz it was never boring to listen to him.
Talking about my session 'Bridging the gap between your traditional HR department and agile project organization’ was based on IEEE paper (E-ISBN: 978-0-7695-4370-3 and Print ISBN: 978-1-61284-426-8). As usual I had lots of fun talking about this subject. Im glad that the audience enjoyed the talk and managed to relate with their experience on organization wide agile adoption.
I will try to publish some photographs later.


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