Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Project Management 2.0

The talk of the town ! Project Management 2.0 :-)
Yea we all know that Project management has moved a long way from traditional management and those long gone methods are not recognized anymore. The days that project manager becomes the center for all the information and he filters information for various stakeholders and make stake holder updates are long gone. In modern project management, information transparency is provided to all the stakeholders by the project itself and there is no central control of information by the project manager. Everybody becomes equally intelligent about the project and all the stakeholders contribute to the success of the project due to high degree of transparency.
Okiii…what’s so big about Project Management 2.0.? Actually I don’t see anything big .. But it’s a name given for using social media for project management ( I know Wiki will not tell you the exact words , But this is simply the idea about it .)
Oki.... this is what Wiki tells you..
“Project Management 2.0[1] (social project management[2]) is the natural evolution of project management practices brought by Web 2.0 technologies “
I think this is a very cool concept..You can see many project managers moving out of complex tools, stake holder reports, various templates to simple tools like Twitter , Wiki , facebook ??:-), blogs ..sounds funny ? No its not..
Ok I know your first question.. Where is the security of your project info?
You know that you can protect your twitter updates and discuss about the project status updates etc among the team members? Honestly I have not done that yet… but today I talked with one of my PM friends in Florida who does that in his projects.. When one of his team members travelling with a blackberry, instead opening a complex Excel sheet, he can get in to his favorite twitter.. How easy for you to see what happened in your project and status updates and with a simple twitter..?
(Oh I remember that I had a discussion with somebody lately about Twitter/ FB type look and feel for business applications.. And that person just ripped me off to pieces for bringing up this thinking for business applications… It just came to my mind when writing this post.. Anyway forget it ….not relevant here sorry …lets get back to Project Management 2.0 :)
I heard that most the complex tools even with portfolio management features are now trying to integrate with social media. Example :Facebook. .. Wow you go…..
How does that happen..? hmmm ...I can use my fantasies and think of many ways..:-)
One thing I learned.. you can have facebooks created for your team working around the world., In a construction project, if you need to take pictures of current problems, installations, uploaded to the software and publish directly via facebook to your whole team located in several parts of the world. They will see all the updates instantly… Isnt it cool :-) ?
If you want to learn more about project management 2.0 there are lots of resources available in the web.., I find my friend, Cornelius’ latest 2 podcasts (find them at is really cool sources for this. At the same time I see Dave and many other professionals around the world posted some good stuff to the web. Ask Google more about it :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Revamping of Projectized..

Yesterday one of my colleagues was discussing some stuff on this blog and I got some exiting comments about how popular this is in some of the search engines. I was very happy by the comments because I can see over hundreds of people visiting this blog every day but very few times my colleagues refer to it or comment about it J So thanks for the comments..
Anyway I looked at this blog today and I think I need to care about her little more.. I just felt that I don’t give a fair care on it.. Obviously its due to my other priorities. Now it’s that high time I need to think of revamping the blog as.....

1. I earn from the blog more than I ever expected now. Thank you for my advertising sponsor and the kind readers who purchase the courses. I think this can be further improved.

2. I have messed up with blog links.. Many readers have commented that some of the links don’t work but I have been too bad I have not even replied to them with a thank you note and corrected those links.

3. Some outdated material need their reference to new material

4. My profile has been changed.. need updates

5. Need more linking up and some marketing gadgemetics inserted in this :-)

6. I should stop posting un related posts and be focused on PM posts

7. Im screwed up with tags.. I need to sort them out, which is number 1 priority.

8. I need to provide reference articles to blog posts for some of the sites who have requested them

9. Most importantly I need to link up with PMI chapter and blog

10. Need to do something to keep interactive with the readers.

Ok Im thinking to revamp it in 2010 :-)

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