Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Free Scrum tool - Great


This is really a great tool for Scrum. I just went through the features and its quite good. Thanks to my colleague who sent me this link.

But ….remember. Tools will not manage your projects.. Its you who should manage the project.. These are just “ Tools” and that’s why they are called “ Tools” when all the methodologies and tools are failed.. its you who make the project a success…

I have come across with many project managers who just spend their whole time to manage the tool instead of the project. Having the best hammer in the world doesn’t make you a good carpenter or having the best cricket bat in the world doesn’t make you a good cricketer. Coz they are tools to help you to perform your tasks. That’s you who make it happen…

Friday, November 17, 2006

Google Project Managers Search.

I have created a Google Project Management Search. I will be linking it to this blog and many other Project Management sites in the future so that readers of this blog ( Ofcouse Project Managers and Potential Project Managers ) can get more targeted /specific results instead wasting time to go through hundreds of unrelated sites.

If you have a blog or Project Management site, or any other related resource, Please send them to me.(, It will help for me to build the Searcher better and your site will be listed in my Google “Project Managers Search”.

Check this cool thing at

Following sites are already fed in to the searcher..

Im sure you will contribute to this.. Its really helpful for all of us.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Help !


Lately I noticed that my blog has been taken out from Kottu blog roll.( It’s a Sri Lankan Blog roll.. the most happening one I should say…. ) The reason has been that my blog is too technical for the audience.. But upon my request, Indi was kind enough to add it again.. So Im writing this none technical post to be fair for them…

(I love to make excuses….)

To be very frank, I couldn’t find time to write anything new.. So busy at work with projects and busy at home with my research work. I found another very helpful person for my research. He has gathered lots of research data already for his research in Software Implementation problems in Sri Lanka… Somebody very helpful ( I have always been lucky with helpful people.. I don’t know why .. ) he went out of his way to introduce my research to his doctor too..

So why not me helping others.. today one of my colleagues said that he wants to follow the same path as me. He wants to do a Mphil and then he wants to convert his research to a PHD. That’s nothing about Project management. his research interest is "High performance content oriented middleware for gaming and multimedia". Im sure he will register for Mphil with no much problem as he has an IT degree with a first class.. So I just asked my doctor at UCSC for some help for him.. Im sure he will help him too…

Think.. its all about helping each other. When you see an opportunity
to help somebody,,, don’t ever think twice….
Do it.. That’s the real path to be a successful person.

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