Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Win Free PMP Exam resources, Course Material


Here is a great opportunity for PMP candidates.. Project Management Prepcast is a podcast which helps PMP students to sit for the PMP exam with required knowledge and so much confidence .

This podcast has 77 episodes which you can listen to via your iPod/MP3 Player and it consists of 30 hours of training on the PMBOK® Guide and other relevant material.

So I would give my blog readers an amazing opportunity to get all these free. ( How’s that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its easy ….All you have to do is.. answer the following questions. The first person who answers all the questions right will get a free subscription to this PM podcast which has study material for PMP exam.

The contest is valid till 2 months starting from today. If no candidate could answer all the questions right.. the person who has the maximum right answers will win the contest !

Please use “comments” feature to answer the questions and you need to specify your name and a valid email address with your answers.

Here we go…

Q1. Whats the PMI definition of a “Project”

Q2. If the Optimistic estimate for a task is 6 days and pessimistic is 9 days, Whats the most likely estimate?

Q3. If the Optimistic estimate for a task is 6 days and pessimistic is 9 days, Whats the Standard Deviation of this task?

Q4. In the weekly status update meeting, your Project Manager says Project SV is – 500 What does that mean ?

Q5. Your Project status update records shows CV = - 500. What does that mean ?

Q6. Your Project BAC = 500 USD. Currently AC = 200USD. How much Balance you have in hand for this project to be completed.

Q7. Your current Project Earned Value is 350. Actual cost is 400. Planned value is 350. Whats the CV ?

Q8. If a project team consists of 5 stakeholders , how many communication channels do you need to manage in this project. ?

Q9. What is " Triple Constraints" in Project Management ?

Q10. What’s the Objective of issuing the “Project Charter”

Q 11. Project X has 4 critical paths.. if you are the Project manager of Project X , What is your idea about the project risk ?

Q12. The Estimate for a task is as follows;

O = 5 days, P = 7 days, M = 6 days. Whats the Standard deviation of this task ?

Q13. You are the project manager of Project Y. Name 3 most common causes of conflict on project Y.

Q14. Your Project SPI = .58 What do you think of your project progress compared to the project plan ?

Q15. What is “ Work Package” ?

If you are the Lucky winner .. See what you get.. Can you ask for more... ????

# Number Episode Title
-- 00.00 Welcome
1 01.01 PMP Exam Overview
2 01.02 PMP Study Tips
3 01.03 The day of the exam
4 01.04 Introduction to Project Management
5 01.05 The PM Processes
6 01.06 The Project Life Cycle
7 01.07 The Role of the Project Manager
8 01.08 Overview of the Knowledge Areas
9 01.09 Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct
10 02.01 Interview with Arlene Trimble
11 02.02 Interview with Duncan McIntyre
12 03.01 Q&A 1
13 03.02 Q&A 2
14 04.00 Project Management Integration Overview
15 04.01 Develop Project Charter
16 04.02 Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement
17 04.03 Develop Project Management Plan
18 04.04 Direct and Manage Project Execution
19 04.05 Monitor and Control Project Work
20 04.06 Integrated Change Control
21 04.07 Close Project
22 05.00 Project Scope Management Overview
23 05.01 Scope Planning
24 05.02 Scope Definition
25 05.03 Create WBS
26 05.04 Scope Verification
27 05.05 Scope Control
28 06.00 Project Time Management Overview
29 06.01 Activity Definition
30 06.02 Activity Sequencing
31 06.03 Activity Resources Estimating
32 06.04 Activity Duration Estimating
33 06.05 Schedule Development 1
34 06.06 Schedule Development 2
35 06.07 Schedule Control
36 07.00 Project Cost Management Overview
37 07.01 Cost Estimating Inputs
38 07.02 Cost Estimating Tools and Techniques
39 07.03 Cost Estimating Outputs
40 07.04 Cost Budgeting
41 07.05 Cost Control
42 07.06 Earned Value
43 07.07 A Bagful of Cost Terms
44 08.00 Project Quality Management Overview
45 08.01 Quality Planning
46 08.02 Perform Quality Assurance
47 08.03 Perform Quality Control Inputs and Outputs
48 08.04 Perform Quality Control Tools and Techniques
49 09.00 Project Human Resources Management Overview
50 09.01 Human Resource Planning Inputs
51 09.02 Human Resource Planning Tools and Techniques
52 09.03 Human Resource Planning Outputs
53 09.04 Acquire Project Team
54 09.05 Develop Project Team
55 09.06 Manage Project Team
56 09.07 HR Theory 1
57 09.08 HR Theory 2
58 10.00 Project Communications Management Overview
59 10.01 Communications Planning
60 10.02 Information Distribution
61 10.03 Performance Reporting
62 10.04 Manage Stakeholders
63 11.00 Project Risk Management Overview
64 11.01 Risk Management Planning
65 11.02 Risk Identification
66 11.03 Qualitative Risk Analysis
67 11.04 Quantitative Risk Analysis
68 11.05 Risk Response Planning
69 11.06 Risk Monitoring and Control
70 12.00 Project Procurement Management Overview
71 12.01 Plan Purchases and Acquisitions Inputs
72 12.02 Plan Purchases and Acquisitions Tools, Techniques and Outputs
73 12.03 Plan Contracting
74 12.04 Request Seller Responses
75 12.05 Select Sellers
76 12.06 Contract Administration
77 12.07 Contract Closure
-- 99.00 Take our Final Exam
-- 99.99 Goodbye

Very Easy Questions.. All the best !!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Leadership and gut calls


During last 2months I had most important personal priorities than messing up with corporate jargon so this blog was silent over 2 months. But I think once you get in to deep of any subject you cannot get out of it completely.. So I used my extra time for reading many good books and articles when ever I had a chance.. But unfortunately I couldn’t write any new articles neither blog posts. So Its time to catch-up some stuff now..

Last few days I read the book “ Winning” by Jack Welch. Which has so much valuable reading for any project manager. If you are a PM who needs to improve your leadership skills and soft skills and survive with office politics, that would be the book for you ..

Talking about leaders, the author discuss 8 basic rules of leadership. Out of that the highlighting one was “ Leaders have the courage to make unpopular decisions and gut calls."

As Project Managers , most of us face situations to make very unpleasant decisions. I have faced this many times with many teams and stakeholders.. But obviously we think twice.. and some times we have sleepless nights once we make such call due to simple fact that we don’t like to hurt anybody.. We don’t like to hurt anybody’s future.

“ By nature, some people are consensus builders. Some people long to be loved by everyone.

Those behaviors can really get you in the soup if you are a leader, Beacuase no matter where you work or what you do, there are times you have to make hard decisions – Let people go, cut funding to a project or close a project with no completion..”

After all It’s a tough life :-)


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