Thursday, July 05, 2007

Leadership and gut calls

During last 2months I had most important personal priorities than messing up with corporate jargon so this blog was silent over 2 months. But I think once you get in to deep of any subject you cannot get out of it completely.. So I used my extra time for reading many good books and articles when ever I had a chance.. But unfortunately I couldn’t write any new articles neither blog posts. So Its time to catch-up some stuff now..

Last few days I read the book “ Winning” by Jack Welch. Which has so much valuable reading for any project manager. If you are a PM who needs to improve your leadership skills and soft skills and survive with office politics, that would be the book for you ..

Talking about leaders, the author discuss 8 basic rules of leadership. Out of that the highlighting one was “ Leaders have the courage to make unpopular decisions and gut calls."

As Project Managers , most of us face situations to make very unpleasant decisions. I have faced this many times with many teams and stakeholders.. But obviously we think twice.. and some times we have sleepless nights once we make such call due to simple fact that we don’t like to hurt anybody.. We don’t like to hurt anybody’s future.

“ By nature, some people are consensus builders. Some people long to be loved by everyone.

Those behaviors can really get you in the soup if you are a leader, Beacuase no matter where you work or what you do, there are times you have to make hard decisions – Let people go, cut funding to a project or close a project with no completion..”

After all It’s a tough life :-)


Aruni Fernando said...

Hi Thushara,

Excellent site!! Humourous and educational postings.

I doubt you'd remember me. Dont wish to clutter your site with all the personal stuff, so please email me at

I worked with Duhan at MIT and you and I sat our PMP exam together in 2005.

Hope to hear from you! Keep up the fantastic work on this site, I will visit regularly.


Aruni Fernando said...

Hi Thushara,

Excellent site!! Humourous and educational postings.

Wonder if you remember me, wont clutter your site with personal stuff. Please email me at

I worked with Duhan at MIT (Where is he now?) You and I did our PMP exam together in 2005.

Keep up the fantastic work, will surely visit this site regularly


Anonymous said...

After all its a Bugs life !!!! :-))


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