Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WOW !!! is Scrum Alliance is all about money ???

I was thinking of upgrading my Scrum master status to Scrum Practitioner and I did the case study which was provided to gain the status., Following is the email I receieved from Scrum alliance today after inspecting the case study...

Hi Thushara,Congratulations! Your application has been approved. The next step is to submit payment of $250 to complete the process. You can do so by clicking on the link below.


Once you've submitted payment your profile should be updated within one week. Your SA profile will show your new CSP certification status and your certification will be effective for a duration of 2 years. If you have any questions regarding your profile, please direct them to @scrumalliance.org.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Warm Regards,

Scrum Alliance Certification Administrator

I think when you think "Agile " this fee is way out :-)
And further if you are interested to get CST , in SL money you got to pay Rs 80K + and again this CSP validity is only for 2 years. Im thinking whether its worth to upgrade to CSP or not now. Becuase I have to maintain many professional titles from various professional bodies and the anual charges to maintain them is already too much.. :-) and I rarely use the titles.. unless the rule says its a must :-)


Shaik on 2:30 AM said...

Have you read "Is it worth getting the CSM?" on scrumdevelopment yahoo group? Worth reading. Very interesting discussion.

Cory Foy on 5:22 AM said...

Hi Thushara,

I'm sorry that you get the impression that it's all about the money. Perhaps we need to look into rewording the email a bit.

The Scrum Alliance relies on the funding from the certification and membership fees to do a variety of things - including outreach programs, funding user groups, funding Scrum events worldwide, etc. In fact, when you got your CSM certification, part of your class fees automatically paid the $50 CSM fee.

And in fact, this is inline with many certifications. For example, to apply to be a PMP, it's a $400+ fee, plus $100+ annual fee.

If you are interested in seeing what those fees go towards, please feel free to contact me and I can send some links of various things. We're working on a new section of the ScrumAlliance site to help point out all the ways we're reaching out to the community to help people like you understand what it's all for.

Congratulations on passing the CSP review process, though!

Cory Foy
Scrum Alliance Global Community Liaison
cfoy at scrum alliance dot org

Thushara said...

Thanks a lot for the reply.. Yes I think you should definitely look in to mentioning what this will deliver you in th eemail. Because when you look at CSM, any beginner who has some commonsense and attend to the course can get it right now .( I know this is going to be different soon) . Further value of this CSM is if you are a practitioner and not when you have just obtained the certification.. That’s where you have to prove your experience and practical aspects of scrum. So for me upgrading from CSM to CSP was necessary but never expected it to come up with some additional cost. (Specialy such high figure)
I understand the fee to maintain the CST status because someone can earn out of it. Further its quite a huge fee when you look at the Asian content. Especially in Sri Lanka I don’t think unless you are an independent consultant you can get the ROI. For me maintaining my CPM will not be quite useful as I see right now by paying this fee, because in Sri Lanka we do not have any Scrum communities or way to access those benefits which scrum alliance may provide for CSMs. May be this is something Scrum alliance may have to think about :-)

Kaushal on 11:15 AM said...

To be honest with you, I don't think the fees is not genuine. I prefer the fees to be there. The reason is demand and suppy rule. If it is free, people get it just for sake of it. If money is associate with that, they will think twice before going for it. It will restrict the certification to genuine people who really have the value of certification. Economics says, even if you change a single buck in price, there is some difference in demand.

I totally agree that its a high fees but have you seen the number of CSM vs number of CSP on the scrum alliance site. It is a huge difference. SCM is like a normal certification necessary in many big firms as a token and sponsored by company itself, as you have seen in our training.

Beside people will not pay such high fee if they will feel that there is no return if they invest so many bucks. I think it has value. I think you can ask $250 more to your client or to a new firm you are joining just because you have CSP attached with your name which is not there with other names in competition. I can understand 80K is too much in local currency but its still worth to me

Thushara said...

Kaushal, Thanks for the reply. The problem what I see is the difference of being a CSM and CSP. I think the CSP should be the title to be gained anyone who has expereience in Scrum and what you invest for CSM doesnt count that much. the problem here is that you have to invest on CSM too a lot to get in to CSP I think which should not come with another additional fee as such. I understand paying for PMI , BCS etc coz in this context the value they deliver is a lot. You mentioned that being a CSP you can ask more from the employer but in SL context I dont know whether much people recognise the difference between CSP and CSM.

And one more thing.. they should have mentioned the fee in the app itself. it was never mentioned there.


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