Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SCRUM practitioners in Sri Lanka ?

Today I heard some good news.. We are building some SCRUM community in Sri Lanka ? I heard that one company has already sent 2 IT professionals for Certified SCRUM master training to India and there is another company who has got some professionals down for training their whole team..Its very happy to see that SL IT industry is spending on PM profession more and more nowadays..I still can remember how hard it was for me to learn SCRUM when I practiced it first in 2005 with my very first SCRUM team..(Thanks to Dina Scott who gave me all the help at that time :) ).It has changed now to the positive side.. Its never too late. Recently another group of people in one reputed company went to Philippines for a very good SCRUM training too..
Not Only SCRUM I see lots of professionals get enrolled with PMI too.. The Only problem with PMP certification is that one needs to have minimum of 5 years Experience by managing farley good projects to face the exam well and lengthy study cycles. But for Scrum Master training its just 2 days course most the time.
Ok., for a newbie who is confused on for what to spend time and money its like this…
PMP certification is offered by PMI institute USA and it’s the largest Project Management institute in the world at the moment.
PMP exam covers almost all the aspects of Project Management, Starting from Ethics, soft skills PM technical skills etc …. And the framework is industry independent.
But SCRUM training covers only How you practice SCRUM. The basic guidelines. So you cannot expect to be a certified Project Manager by learning only SCRUM.. I think both these certifications together comes very handy for any good Project Manager in Software Industry.. Its matter of how you find time for all these :) Anyway I wish if we have enough SCRUM professionals in SL to build a SCRUM community.. Most the countries has that. Yes We have a PMI Colombo chapter already..


Stretching the Project Management Boundries on 1:12 AM said...

I quite agree with your suggestion to form a SCRUM community in Sri Lanka and we can do better things with PMI Colombo chapter as well. But, the real situation with regard to the Project Management Profession in Sri Lanka is bit unsatisfactory. I guess, if we go and ask about PMP, PMI, SCRUM or Agile processes from other management & business practitioners, cannot imagine what their response will be???. I feel this is the high time to get together all PM professionals to bring these best practices to the business community, General public & the other Non-IT disciplines. I hope and wish that, we will be able to do great job in near future with help of the PMI Colombo chapter to promote PM profession in Sri Lanka.

Thushara Wijewardena, PMP on 1:48 AM said...

You are correct.. But the reality is that most the organisations, SL chapters are very political :-) You got what I mean right..

However I think there are lots of young professionals who have that commitment to do many things for the profession..

Shafraz Nizamdeen BSc (MIS), PMP on 10:19 PM said...



Namal Gunasinghe, SCM said...

I agree with Thushara about
organisations being controlled by politics. But you probably can never take politics away from this country for anything. Its in our blood :).But if someone's was brave enough to make the 1st mover advantage. Then am sure there will be those that follow :).

I'd be willing to join for one :) .



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