Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ok.. its kinda sad thing.. This time Im very unlucky with Amazon.. I ordered the book., Agile Estimating and Planning (Robert C. Martin Series)
by Mike Cohn. A book which I really wanted to have with me after going through many of his blog posts and the book reviews..
But it was never delivered to me. So I made the complain to Amazon.. they sent it again.. Didn’t receive yet.. its over one month now :( ....disappointing … Not a problem with Amazon.. but Im sure its something to do with our internal postal process.. As I checked with one of my colleagues and he said that they dont deliver the books to our doorsteps now . we have to go to a central post office and collect it .. ...:-( whyyyyy ????????????..............But I didnt get a letter like that either... So I dont know......

Do I raise the issue again.. hmmmm..


Stretching the Project Management Boundries on 8:43 PM said...

Usually parcels send via Express Mail Service (EMS) coming to EMS section of the GPO in Colombo and they send a notification to your address. But, there are lot of discrepancies can happen in GPO, you may have experienced the quality of service of our government service. If you inquire from EMS section of the GPO, you can get some information about your parcel.

By the way I have the e-book version of the book what you have ordered & around 30 e-books related to Agile, Scrum & PM which I can share with you. Please, Let me know if you would happy with reading e-books.

Thushara said...

Wow.. Thanks a lot.. Yeah Im a paper book fan.. But I really need this book so e-Book will be helpful for now.. Im really thankful to you for the help . could you please email to

Thanks again ! You made my day :-)

Thushara said...


Received all of them today.. thank you so much.. ! Now the challenge is to find time to read them.. :)

And BTW nice that I got to know you too.. :-) thats what blogs are meant for I think :-)Networking... sharing...

Thushara said...

Just to keep this updated..

I received the both books on 11th. the one I initialy ordered and the one they shipped again.. too bad that I cant go through the hassle of returning them.. Anybody want a book ????


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