Sunday, September 21, 2008

Planning Poker - the problem continues…

Sorry guys still I didn't find sufficient answers to post here for the previous post I posted about problems when playing Planning poker.. I will provide answers once I find some good and logical explanations..
Now I have a new problem…. There you go… :
When Playing planning poker the team express ideas in front of the product owner to come in to a conclusion about the weight of user stories, clarifications, etc.
We do not have programmed robots in our teams to have same level of knowledge and skills. Though SCRUM is for good for good developers, ( Or even Software development is good for good developers according to Ken Schwaber - SCRUMforTEAMSYSTEM) in reality we get a mix to our teams..
So after observing the discussions going on …there is a product owner who says… Look I don't want guy X and Y in this team.. I need another like guy Z instead of X and Y . then we can burn down the back log more faster in sprints.. You guys agree to burn down only this amount in this sprint because your guys are not experienced. In traditional Project management what we do is we colour all our user front ending with really experienced and good guys and get the project delivered some way or the other. In SCRUM as we produce this much of transparency, Anybody who faced this issue and could you please explain how to overcome this issue..?


Shafraz Nizamdeen BSc (MIS), PMP on 3:45 AM said...


I know that I am not competent enough to give you a comprehensive answer.

But what i feel is that its all about programming yourself to think agile.

Vids below will give you some understanding how agile planners should think like.

Asela on 11:27 AM said...

Wow now your in news Headline's know ;-)

Thushara said...

Yeah yeah :-) But how did you see that ? Are you a spy?


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