Friday, September 19, 2008

Comparison of SCRUM Vs PMBOK

Comparison Of Pmbok And Scrum
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Cornelius Fichtner, PMP on 12:50 PM said...


I have personally never worked on a scrum project. However, your overview is an excellent introduction for someone interested in it like myself.

One question for you: Is the title really "PMBOK vs. Scrum"? Shouldn't it be more "Waterfall vs. Scrum"? After all the PMBOK is more of a framework and cannot really be compared with a methodology such as Scrum.

But in any case... Good Stuff!

Cornelius Fichtner

Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot for the comments.. Im still a small baby when it comes to scrum.. May be an infant hehe.. We have practiced this few times., I would say certain little things that they have introduce to the process is really great.. But again as I always say , we cant consider SCRUM as a complete PM methodology even for SW projects...Where does it cover procurement management etc is still not clear to me..

BTW I just realized it other way around. SCRUM guys say that that's not a PM methodology .. They call it a framework.. They are quite right I suppose.. However PMBOK is is a framework true but I think its more closer to a methodology right ??? Any way as a PM framework PMBOK addresses every aspect of Project management.

In that case I would change this to waterfall Vs Agile? Actually I tried to compare PMBOK vs SCRUM here as a specific...

Thanks a lot.. Your comments made me to think lot more..

If you are interested, I will send you a SCRUM presentation I made for my guys at office.. Its very easy to understand.. But still evolving .. :-)

BTW Im planning to attend to a good formal training on scrum.. WOW that would be a great to be a PMP + certified SCRUM master right :) !!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please send me the presentation. I appreciate that. My address is

Fernando Emanuel Lopes Almeida on 11:35 AM said...

I will send you a SCRUM presentation I made for my guys at office..

could you please sent it to me

announcements on 9:30 PM said...

I don't work too on a scrum thingy thing project. All I know that I am more flexible with working with PMBok


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