Monday, March 05, 2007

IQ , EQ and BQ

“According to the language of physics, a person who strains without success to pull a rock out of the ground has done no work”

What ever it is.. Unfortunately in Today’s business world., what’s appreciated is not your try or hard work.. What appreciated is success of what you do. So its very important to assure the success of all the work we do as a Project Manager..

How does our IQ and EQ help us when achieving success ?

I found a good definition for IQ and EQ from some article. ( Im very sorry that I couldn’t get the reference to the following quote)

“IQ - a number used to express the apparent relative intelligence of a person that is the ratio multiplied by 100 of the mental age as reported on a standardized test to the chronological age. IQ is the measure of cognitive abilities, such as the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new situations; the skilled use of reason; the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (as tests); mental acuteness; logic and analytical skills. “

“EQ - is a measure of your emotional intelligence, or your ability to use both your emotions and cognitive skills in your life. Emotional intelligence competencies include but are not limited to empathy, intuition, creativity, flexibility, resilience, coping, stress management, leadership, integrity, authenticity, and interpersonal skills.

If the driving force of intelligence in the twentieth-century business has been IQ, then-in accordance to growing evidence - in the twenty-first century it will be EQ, and related and practical forms of practical and creative intelligence. This "new" intelligence is the heart-level engine that drives human capital and produces the exceptional, creative work required for any company to lead the field amidst the turbulence and confusion of global market changes. "

So what’s more important to us as a Project Manager.. ?? During my career in IT I have worked with many professionals from different countries, whose IQ level is unbelievably high. I would say “ they are brilliant people” .. But do you ever believe.. Any of these projects handled by these brilliant people never became a success… Either they were
miscommunicated, not accept by customers, didn’t deliver on time.. Most projects had more than one failure.. But when you talk to them .. you will think they are the most brilliant people on the earth.. they had great academic records too..So why .. Whats the reason….???

Its always due to lack of EQ by these people. They were not successful when they were put on reality to work with different people .. Coming from different backgrounds.. They had very little idea on how to work with situational issues related to people.. so they found it very difficult to do team work in corporate culture. I don’t say that you don’t need any level of IQ.. As a project manager.. definitely you have to have a high level of IQ. But in the same time your EQ level is much more important when managing projects.

I have come across with another type of PMS too.. They are theory driven PMs. If you ask them what’s scrum or PMBOK or Prins 2 – they will teach you for you to write a book.. If you ask them to submit the reports.. you will never see any perfect reports other than that. Every step of the methodology is practiced in their projects.. But still if they don’t have EQ, they don’t have any chance of success.

I ve seen some simple EQ test on the web and this is one of it …

But I don’t think you can really measure your EQ level using this type of a test.

So then .. Whats BQ? One of my colleagues sent me an article yesterday and it says BQ ( Business Intelligence) is the most important than EQ and IQ if you want to be the maestros of the entrepreneurial world .


Bernard C Pradeep Raj on 1:28 AM said...

It is interesting to read your blog, as you said it is very true that IQ and EQ help us when achieving success, there are few more such things which helps personal developments.

Behavioral Quotient (BQ) is the measure of behavioral skills such as plan, link, inform and learn, and there is CQ Cultural Intelligence, MQ Moral Quotient and there are many more *Q’s “Quotient” to measure personal developments as such so It’s is kind of exciting an interesting topic to dig deep so hope you will give us more particulars in this topic


jean on 7:08 PM said...

great post you have!


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