Monday, July 24, 2006

Have I said too much....?

Oops I think I have miscommunicated something.. Mea Culpa!!! I just listened to the PMpodcast latest show and it talks about some communication I had with the host of the podcast show regarding the blog bann.. I think I have miscommunicated something to the host of the show and Im extremely sorry about that.

I just tried to see where I can put a comment /an explanation on the podcast show., But I couldn’t find any place to post comments.. So Here it goes in my blog…

Cornelius,Thank you so much for your concerns.. But anyhow I think I have miscommunicated to you about Banning Blogs in SL. Actually what happens is that the “Banning” things is becoming a fashion in SEA . India has already banned Bloging and I hear many news on that.

There is no threat as yet in Sri Lanka( besides there are many rumors on that),But it might happen soon in SL as well., lately they have thought of restricting all most all the media activities such as Hollywood movies, Foreign programs, Advertising Imported Milk powder, watching TV after 10PM .. List goes on…..

I think "Blog bann" sounds very weird. I find many blogs in internet which are really good resources., Blogs keep people connecting and I have got so much potential in the industry due to my PM blog., So I can imagine about others.. I have a good friend called Dinesh who writes good MS SQL blog which is referred by the whole world.

So I wish that will not happen in SL .

It's hard to understand how the current Indian government ban on Blogspot, Typepad, Geocities, and other major web domains can possibly be justified as an anti-terrorism strategy. Apparently some people involved with banned groups like SIMI have been using blogs to communicate, and the government has instructed the nation's ISPs to ban those sites, which host thousands of Indian blogs"

About the New podcast site now, It looks very nice and neat. And Thanks for listing my blog in Helpful resources. Waiting for many interesting interviews in the future.

Guys have a look at it …


koolb on 3:46 AM said...

No I don’t think you have said too much.. There is always possibility that government to restrict some internet sites in Sri Lanka. Because now they have stated to restrict Indian and international movies by imposing a very big tax on them and one Satellite TV operator is on trial. But it’s very unlikely, since there is no central internet gateway and very limited inter-connectivity between operators. Operators use Underground Sea Cables or own satellite base stations to connect to multiple international gateways for connectivity. So even there is restriction implementation would be very difficult task.

nksenthil on 4:00 AM said...

In India, the Govt instructed the ISP to block the Blogging site because this was the medium has been effectively used by the terrorists. But, there had been a good amount democratic protests in the media to ban the blogs for the misuse of some. Finally, Govt released and there is no ban right now. Happy Blogging :)


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