Thursday, July 28, 2005

PMP Online application

It’s one of the most complicated application forms which I have filled so far.:)

As today is the applications closing date, I had to take ½ day leave to fill the application form. (When I went to the institute yesterday, I felt that people have taken this application process too seriously. Almost all the people were confused with the eligibility of their Project management Experience. ) My friend Pali (IT Manager Sampath Bank) came to my office in the morning so both of us went through the application form.

If you need to apply for PMP exam you need to prove that you have 4500 hours of PM experience within last 5 years. So I selected 2 projects, One, the duration was 2 years and the other, the duration was 3 years. Then I calculated the number of hours based on following processes

Initiating Process

Planning Process

Executing Process

Controlling Process

And Closing Process

How I did the calculation is as follows:

If I have a Project X which Started on 01/01/2001 and ended on 30/12/2004,

Number of month experience of Pming = 4 x 12 = 48

Number of days = 48 x20 (Average 20 working days per month ) = 960

So the PM experience gained from Project X is 960 x 8 (assume that we work 8 hours per working day) = 7680

So with Project X I have already covered the required number of PM hours for the PMP exam

I distributed my total hours of PM experience in 5 areas as follows:

Initiation 10%

Planning 30%

Executing 25%

Controlling 30%

Closing 5%

But this might vary based on nature of your project.

The exam fee is $405.00 Its bad that members cannot get the discounted rate at the first time itself. Why do we have to send email and inform them to give us the discounted rate, when the system already knows that you are a PMI member?? I don’t understand that.


Anonymous said...

Hello Thushara,

As your blog seems to be one of the few useful entries on the Web about the PMP application, I was hoping you may be kind enough to help a future PMPer with their application?

Its really just the very limited narrative portion of the application I am having an issue with and I am looking to get a second opinion from someone who has been there. If you could help out, I would really appreciate it and would send you a copy of the narratives. My e-mail address is

I am not all that comfortable about having all of this in your blog if you don't mind. Still, in return I will formally respond to your blog entry about Michael Scofield. I know its not exactly what you said, but to play the devil's advocate, I would debate that Michael Scofield is an excellent planner, but a terrible project manager. ;-)

Future PMPer

thushara said...


Im quite happy to help you with your PMP application. Further waiting to see your points to prove that Michael Scofield is a terrible PM :-) Very interesting topic... :-)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Thushara,

Can you please let me know what set of deliverables I should mention while Submitting each of the Project details in the PMP Web based application.

Is there any standard set of
documents we need to mention?

Thanks in advance!

Pablo said...

I recently searched the net for some guidance with regards to the completion of the PMP exam application and found your site.

Unfortunately I do not have any record of my experience of the individual tasks within each process group.

Are there any recommended percentages of the hours per task within each process group for example:

Initiating Process
Task 1 = 22%
Task 2 = 12%
Task 3 = 44%
Task 4 = 11%
Task 5 = 11%

Planning Process
Task 1 = x%
Task 2 = x%
Task 3 = x%
Task 4 = x%
Task 5 = x%
Task 6 = x%


I was considering contacting the PMI for this info but then decided against this and then considered making a judgement call based on the importance of task and % split that way.

Please help....

Dr. Salman on 1:51 AM said...

Thank you very much for the valuable information you provided.
My question is as follwos :
is there anyway to take a look on the online form before we register so that we can be more prepared and save time

Jwan said...

is there any possibility to have a look on an online application before we register in an Institution to save time.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Thushara,

Im about to apply for the PMP exam myself so was interested to your useful post, thanks for this.

One point in your post I was slightly alarmed to read was: 'today is the application closing date'. I didnt think there was a timeline for this an i could apply to take the exam anytime? Is there a deadline?

Your help is much appreciated,


Thushara Wijewardena, PMP, CSP on 10:50 PM said...

Hi Tom,

Dont worry.. If you are doing your online exams, that doesnt matter. But in Sri Lanka so far they conducted offline exams only twice or thrice an year. so they have all the deadlines to achieve :-)

All the best for the upcomming PMP !!


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