Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sorry for the delay..

Im sure you all wonder why I didn’t write anything about Agile 2010 yet. Ok let me explain.. About Agile 2010..I don’t know where to start and where to end it .. Sometimes I can think of writing a post about each lecture I attended to. Or something only about our session there...But at the same time its going to be lots of writing.. So for now.. let me write something.., I got to write something this week.. Otherwise it will never happen as the next quarter is really getting hectic.
We have 2 “Agile in Offshore” events planned in Stavanger and Oslo in September.. .. then I may miss presenting at PMI SAARC conference.. That’s overlapping with my Oslo visit.. then I will do P2P 2010 Cairo most probably in December.. So that’s more than enough for this year I suppose.. Yeah all these top of our day to day work on business development and projects.. So no need to explain how hectic the life is .. But I enjoy every bit of work we do.


Anonymous said...

Suggestion 1:

Create a backlog of all the talks, then prioritise according in the order of how good the talks were or how much you remember, with your own talk at top of course :-)

Suggestion 2:
Write up Dave Wests talk, then I can copy and paste it for my own (internal) blog :-)

koolb on 5:46 AM said...

You didn't event do a presentation for your own team. When we can expect a presentation from you ?

Thushara said...

Thanks ..Yeah.

Buddhi- sure will do it as soon as your team has some breathing space after the customer workshop.


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