Tuesday, December 05, 2006

If you have been falsely accused ????

Yeah it’s really a bad feeling..You will ask yourself 1000 time.. have I done something wrong… ? I was accused by somebody for using his site feed for projectized.org blogrol saying Im using his content for commercial use with no permission. so far Projectized.org is not used for any commercial use., and I do not even have one single advertisement there.. its mainly a free Project Management blogrol with so much more nice plans..

I never ever thought somebody will go against it .. as it gives so much benefits to the contributors .. It definitely bring more readers to those blogs. Intact The person who accused me for using his blog for commercial purpose has attached his site license policy in his email. That clearly says ,

“ You are free:

  • to Share -- to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
  • to Remix -- to make derivative works

Under the following conditions:

· Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

I can think why he thought that this is a commercial site.. I had a problem with the blogroll to display only a part of the post in the blogroll. I’m using wordpress and I had some technical problems with Summary Option. So the whole post is displayed some times.. In Dina’s Controlling Chaos blog, she has put the PM Prepcast advertisement in the body of her content.. so that comes automatically to projectized.org. (Im just trying to fix this problem ASAP.)That’s the only explanation which I can think as the base for this complain. Any way very big thank to other contributors who decided to stay with projectized.org without getting mislead by some false comments..


Peter said...


If you have the right intention you don’t have to worry. According to my understanding as far as you don’t sell their content or make money out of it, and according to the licence agreement, you have not violated the rules. that’s no problem.. What I think is you just give them free publicity.. :Like you said.. think of making a proper business model.. that will take your site a long way...


Anonymous said...

I think its better to inform the authors before adding links from your site to their sites.. That will not make any harm.

Jack Dahlgren on 1:27 PM said...


When I went to your site I saw two things:

1) My posts. Complete, with all identifying marks removed.

2) A couple of ads in the middle of the page.

As a result I wrote you a note about this inviting you to contact me if you had any questions about it. A personal note is not quite an accusation. I just asked you to stop doing it.

And, it appears that you have. Thank you.

As for the ad's, I think that Cornelius pointed out that they were embedded in his feed rather than being part of your site. Unfortunately I did not learn that until I contacted him.

I'm sorry that you feel accused by me. You have shown that you are a responsible person and I hope we can have a good relationship going forward.

Feel free to contact me directly to discuss this.


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