Friday, November 17, 2006

Google Project Managers Search.

I have created a Google Project Management Search. I will be linking it to this blog and many other Project Management sites in the future so that readers of this blog ( Ofcouse Project Managers and Potential Project Managers ) can get more targeted /specific results instead wasting time to go through hundreds of unrelated sites.

If you have a blog or Project Management site, or any other related resource, Please send them to me.(, It will help for me to build the Searcher better and your site will be listed in my Google “Project Managers Search”.

Check this cool thing at

Following sites are already fed in to the searcher..

Im sure you will contribute to this.. Its really helpful for all of us.


Austin Bob on 2:03 PM said...

I'm doing a lot of work on applying theory of constraints to project management. ToC helps address issues like uncertainty and focuses our attention as project managers on the real bottlenecks (which have an annoying tendancy to migrate around frequently) rather than just rigidly tracking our WBS critical path items, earned value calculations, etc.

Here is an interesting link for those interested:

I periodically post some musings on my blog as well, but be warned ... it is eclectic.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is i nteresting.. I will add this site to the searcher for sure.. There is lots of work to be done there and you will see the new face of it very soon

Thanks for the small note


Anonymous said...

Uhhh.. Sory.. Your site is not about Project Management :-(

Austin Bob on 9:11 PM said...

It looks like both the 'anonymous' comments may have been in response to my original post. If so ...

1. I'm glad you found the Theory of Constraints site interesting. It has helped me systematize some things I have been actually doing in project management for a long time.

2. I warned you that my blog was eclectic. :-) Some will like it and some not, but it certainly is not a "project management resource" per se. I have posted a new item on Why Projects Fail, however, that some may find interesting.

shalin said...

So According to your artcle.. its because of God :-))))

Wow what a nice invention in Project Manageemnt :-)

Thushara said...

Why Projects Fail?

No Im sure there is no God for project Management:-) is there any????, if so please tell me.. I will pray everyday :-))))

Why Projects fail.. ?I think the answer is simple and clear... Its because of "bad management". Hey wait .. Don’t look at the PM … Bad Management of Higher Management, the Project Manager, the customer … you name it .. what ever the management functionalities involved in major project stakeholders…

No... no point even if you have a perfect project manager, perfect customer and perfect team., if your higher management is a control freak and wont let you do your work as the project manager and if he comes and put his fingers to your management work.. There is a project failure..
If the Project manager is not competitive enough , flexible enough to adjust to different environments.. no matter whether he holds PMI or Prince 2 or what ever.. there is a project failure…
Some times you have customers who think they live in the moon.. No person in the earth can convince them anyway.. they don’t know what they want.. that’s fine.. that’s what experts are there.. But still if they think they know everything and they don’t listen to anybody else till they burn their hands.. Fine.. they deserve failures

There are so many parameters out there which really turn a successful projects to failures… You can name it communication failures.. technical failures.. financial failures.. what so ever.. But based on what I have seen in the industry., the Biggest cause for project failures is the “ Attitude” of people.. that’s what cause all these problems.

Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(


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