Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Preparing for PMP?

I hear that SL is going to have another PMP exam very soon.. Today I got to know about this POSDCAST which helps PMP candidates to prepare themselves for the exam..

There is something what I always keep in my mind…
“When the exam is closer , 1 minute is 1 mark for you….
This keeps me focused on my subject matters and studies.. Im afraid to waste time when the exam is closer.. As much as I waste time without studying.. I will be loosing marks…

So isn’t this very cool.. Now you can be prepared for the PMP exam while traveling to office or home.. Or when you are at the Gym.. or where ever you carry your iPod.. Isnt that cool…???


Gogula on 5:29 AM said...

There you go deleting comments again...

Kumara Badhuge said...

I passed the PMP examination last week and added PMP after my name in the email signature. One of my Colleague advised me to remove PMP from the email signature showing a letter he received from PMI at his certification.
Being a new PMP, I am just wondering the wisdom behind not including "PMP" in the email signature

The Project Management Podcast™ on 5:57 AM said...


Your colleague is wrong. You are a PMP the moment that you pass the exam and you are allowed to put the three letters behind your name.

I checked the PMI online registry at, and your name (Kumara Badhuge) alredy shows up as a PMP.

Kumara said...

Yes, you are right. I inquired from PMI-Customer Care and they informed me following.
"You can use the letters, PMP after your name in your email signature. You are not able to use the actual PMP logo in your email signature, but the letters are fine."

Ricardo on 9:24 PM said...

GREAT post!


I did the same thing! I was ready to send an e-mail to some discussion groups when I stop and search for more information and find this post.
Best regards,

Ricardo Magno, PMP

; )

Nathaniel @ pmi project management professional on 11:13 PM said...

PrepCast is great! I just checked it and it's excellent!

It will greatly help those who are now preparing to take the PMP exam. I know how difficult it is to prepare but with Project Management PrepCast, it will be easier! Thanks a lot for the post!


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