Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lost and Found..

This is not something related to Project Management at all..

I lost my mobile phone some time back.( may be 2months ago ) The last day I used it was when I was at Waters Edge Microsoft Partner Conference. My customers use this number to call me so I was quite upset that I lost it., But I never thought that I lost it there., I thought I have left the phone in my car when I put it to the service center and somebody must have robbed it .I tried to call the number ., but nobody answered. So I had no choice, I was thinking of disconnecting the chip, But as usual I have been postponing this.,

Today, Suddenly , I just thought of calling my Number., And Somebody answered from the other side., I asked his details., but he was not happy to give his details to me., After talking to him for a while ., I got the truth out of him ( I made him scared saying that I will go to Police )

According to him that I have left the phone at Waters Edge Hotel., So this guy’s cousin ( His name is Chanaka) working in the restaurant has found the phone and sold it to him.

I cant believe this., Waters Edge is such a nice hotel with lot of prestige., When a guest misplace something their employees rob it .. is this their employees attitude?

Im going to tackle this with the guy and get my phone back, Or disconnect it .As I promised him I don’t go to police and put him in trouble.. I’m so sad that the guys working there are such people., I don’t know whether I should complain this to the Hotel Management.


Gogula on 6:48 AM said...

You have said that this guy Chanaka had found it and sold it to him, so I don't think he has robbed it. And maybe he just needed the money. People who work in hotels aren't necesarrily paid a good salary. Just forget about that phone and we'll get a nice one when we go to Pakistan! One with an MP3 player and all... :)

koolb on 6:48 AM said...

I think you may negotiate with your thiefto return it you unconditionally. :-) with these In falling complain this to hotel and police about this. If you do have time go through police and all the procedures you have to proceed with this. I do agree that these should not happen in reputed hotels. But you should have complained this to the hotel after the incident.

Mahasen on 5:43 AM said...

The guy who uses the phone now may be innocent, in the view that he has paid for the phone. But he probably knew the deal isn’t legitimate. So I feel he’s no better than the person who sold it to him.
But again you used that phone for a good 2~3 years right? Thinking about what happened, or taking any action against the culprits would only impurities your mind. The hassle wouldn’t really worth it. Let go of it. Sympathize towards them as they are going to suffer for their act one day.
Think of the brighter side - you have a reason to buy yourself a better phone!
And I think you can disable that SIM and take a new one for the same number.

Thushara Wijewardena, PMP on 1:20 AM said...

Thanks Guys.. Just to update u …

This guy became a botheration to me.. Calling all the time and explaining that he is innocent.. I wanted to get police involved .. But seriously I have no time for “Hora Police”... (...With SL police.. I don’t have to comment on that…) So the easy way out..I called Dialog. Disconnected the line… End of the story...Im the looser at last. But its my sloppiness..( As lot of people told me offline :-)) So I deserve it :-)


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