Friday, February 24, 2006

Extraordinary Projects

I just thought of setting some extra goals for my teams to achieve this year. (suddenly I thought of this while driving to the office today...).I have some targets (except to my usual work) for this year.. To get CMM (at least Level 3) Certification for the Company, Win National Best Quality Software Awards – 2006 and to convert the existing Microsoft Partnership to a Gold Partner.
With these objectives, I split one part of the team in to 3 teams. Then we assigned each goal as a project to each team. They have to select a leader among them to drive the project. This is actually a challenge to every team as they have to achieve the tasks out of their usual work. In this way there is a chance for everybody to prove their capabilities, improve on presentation skills.. Feel the pressure of driving a project(hmm.. I like that part the most... .. ) , a great achievement and more than everything.. it will be lots of knowledge and fun for everybody. We agreed to meet once a month to discuss about the progress of the project.

I think this is a good approach for a SME like our company who doesn’t have million $ budget to allocate on awareness programs and to improve standards.
End of the year, we will be selecting the best team, based on achievements, approach, leadership skills, coordination and teamwork. And this will be a part of their yearly review.. Im just excited to see the results…


The Project Management Podcast™ on 8:51 AM said...


Just wanted to let you know, that I mentioned your blog as a "Helpful Resource" in "The Project Management Podcast" show #21. You can find it at

Also... I have a question, since you have just recently passed the PMP exam: In show #21 I interview Dale Brown about his path to becoming a PMP. Would you mind listening to the show and write a few lines to me, telling me if his experience relates at all to your experience? It would be great to hear from PMPs around the world how their experience was for comparison.

Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

Thushara Wijewardena, PMP on 8:48 PM said...

Sure Cornelius! Thats great! I will somehow find time to do this

Thanks a lot !


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