Thursday, November 03, 2005


Its Awesome! I had to wait 6 weeks to get results as I did the Offline PMP Exam, waiting for results was just killing me.. But there is no more waiting.. Im a PMP at last !!!

My best advise for any candidate who wants to take up PMP Exam is to

Apply the PMBOK theories with your Practical Experience ., If you don’t do EVM and NPV calculations for your projects , start doing it., That’s the best way to study for PMP. I did that and I see the results now in 2 ways .

  1. I became a PMP
  2. I got myself adopted to the PMI methods of managing projects..


Anonymous said...

Hey there...

Great work! Did you take the revised 2005 exam or the 2000 version?

I am just beginning to study for and apply to take the exam. Can you offer any study advice?

I am serious considering one of these examn sim products:

CertGear 2005 Exam Simulator


PMP Simulated Test Bank

The CertGear demo that I was allowed to download makes me think it is good way to go (gives you 18 questions in the sim). The full version apparently has over 1000 questions with review (explaining each concept). I also heard good things on different websites about CertGear's PMP sim.

Do you have a thought on study aids or a referral to a better sim? I am not looking for a shortcut -just the best bang for my buck and decent study materail. Simulators with test questions seem to work the best for me as a way to get ready for an exam. I also plan to read and re-read several text books I have.



Thush on 4:34 AM said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot for the comment., what I did was, I did the all free 200 questions and then I purchased 2 tests from them., Those questions are quite good., When ever you have free time, google for free questions and do it, Thats the best!

There was a very good PMP forum which I got involved with.,, Guys there were very helpful., I dont have the link right now., But I will find it and post it here for you

All the best and let me know if you need any other help.,

Anonymous said...

Kewl now ur a PIMP....Hehe kidding, congrats!!!

Thush on 3:24 AM said...

I have no idea why you check my blog all the time., Is this your home page sort of???

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I appreciate the advice. I am currently working through the online application right now. I have plenty of project management experience, but documenting it in the application is tedious. I am more bothered by this than I am studying for the exam. I will try to find those study questions when I get through submitting the application.

Thanks again.

Thush on 4:11 AM said...

Steve, If thats your problem, use a very good PMIS software which has all the required templates inbuilt., that makes your work very easy. Im trying to build one.,

koolb on 11:38 PM said...

I hope you can help me to solve the issues I face in my projects based working environment by applying the theories you talk here. ;-)

Sumudu on 12:14 AM said...


Well done, thushara!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we can have most realistic project plans.

Thush on 1:29 AM said...
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