Saturday, May 05, 2012

Software craftsmanship skills

When it comes to agile engineering practices, software craftsmanship skills are very important. Today, our engineering approaches with less documentation, team collaboration and incremental continuous deliveries demand your craftsmanship skills as never before.

There have been many initiatives by many software companies and organizations recently to help our industry for acquiring such skills. It’s so better than just complaining about lacking skills in our own industry. is such an initiative taken by us, We have invited a reputed community expert to come to Sri Lanka and do pair programming with our software engineers to improve their coding styles.  As a contribution to the industry, we decided to open such event to public so that many developers out there also can gain the benefit of the event. 

This will happen on 2nd June, It’s a long weekend in Sri Lanka. However, all what matters is your passion! 


Anonymous said...

This is a great initiative! I believe it is happening on the 2nd of June and not 26th May.

Thush on 4:56 AM said...

Thanks for the correction. Yes you are right!


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